Never said about restaurant websites

Please stop obscuring your food with horrible websites.

Mar 2
“Dinner is much more fun when I have no idea if you’ll be open when I get there.” jorf darvis

Mar 1
“The lorem ipsum looks good.”

Feb 28
“Thanks for making your menu an automatic download of a PDF. I treasure the ability to print copies any time I want without going back to your site.” The Tooth Fairy

Feb 27
“Thanks for letting me know that I could have saved a dollar by printing your Grand Opening coupon two years ago when you had your grand opening.” Someone who hates saving money.

Feb 26
“It is so cool that your online drinks menu simulates the experience of flipping through a 20-page cocktail menu book, rather than simply listing all the cocktails on one page (booo-ring!)! The interactive experience was well worth the 5-minute wait for the Flash to load.”

Feb 25
“Oh, you’ve called your pasta section “pastabilities?” HAHAHAHAHAH!”

Feb 24
“I’m still waiting with baited breath for you to answer the email I sent to I’m sure you check your mail at least once a shift.” the guy who still can’t find your menu online

Feb 23
“This website is immensely helpful because they split every category of their menu into separate web pages! I get confused when there are different types of food items next to each other on one page.”

Feb 22
“I want this music to play forever.” Not I

Feb 19
“I came here for something other than your menu.” No one

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