Never said about restaurant websites

Please stop obscuring your food with horrible websites.

How to make a less horrible restaurant website

1. Go to or or and follow the mind-blowingly simple instructions.

Optional: If you’re feeling fancy, spend <$20 and register a custom domain. The service you use will include instructions on how to do this in the “help” section.

2. Include the following information about your restaurant on the front of your website:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Hours
  • How to make a reservation

3. Take a photo of your menu and post it as a blog post tagged “menu.” When your menu changes, take a picture of the most recent version and post it as a blog post tagged “menu.”

4. Rest assured that anyone who tells you that you need any of the following things on your website is a nogoodnik and/or simply wrong.

  • A PDF of your menu
  • A song
  • A flash animation
  • Photos of anything other than your food or storefront.*

    *Exceptions include animals of two different species being best friends, babies in food costumes or impressively terrifying fish.